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Tag a Commit with Git in VS Code

A Git Tag is a reference to a specific point in Git history. It marks specific releases or versions of your codebase, allowing easy recall of the exact code associated with that Tag. A Tag may track software version releases, identifies significant changes, or annotate a point in the project’s history. Git Tags are immutable; they cannot be changed once they …

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It’s Friday – November 11

It’s Friday – November 04

It’s Friday – October 28

It’s Friday – September 30

It’s Friday – September 23

Make life easier with Visual Studio Code Snippets

Snippets in Visual Studio code are templates that make it easier to enter repeatable code patterns or blocks. They’re a helpful timesaver when developing applications. I have found significant time savings within Business Central with Snippets for page and table field templates. Visual Studio Code has several built-in Snippets, extension publishers may include Snippets, and …

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