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Service stopped? Restart it with PowerShell

In a previous article, I discussed changing a Windows Service Log On Account information using the Set-Service PowerShell cmdlet. Just as the Set-Service cmdlet modifies the properties of a Windows Service, the Get-Service cmdlet gets a Windows Service properties.   Running the Get-Service cmdlet without any parameters will list the Status,  Name, and DisplayName of …

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Set A Windows Service Log On Account and Password with PowerShell

Repeatability is important! Right alongside that, in my opinion, is efficiency. A recent task required me to set up several Application Services setups, including setting the log on account and password. I could have done all of these manually; however, I found it more efficient and repeatable to set up a script to handle the …

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Delete files within subfolders older than a certain period using PowerShell

Delete Key In Blue

In keeping true to the concept of this blog, “Follow the life of an ERP developer, one post at a time,” this post allows you to “follow” something that I needed to crush – deleting files older than a specific number of days or hours including subfolders. Many moons ago, I created an application that …

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