How to Delete a Sprint in Azure DevOps

When working with Project Planning in Azure DevOps, Sprints are easy to create and assign to Work Items. While there is an easy way to make a Sprint, the option to delete a sprint in Azure DevOps isn’t quite as obvious. It may not often be that you want to delete a sprint (which may be why it isn’t glaring us in the face), but if you play around with Planning and Sprints, you may find yourself needing to delete a sprint (or more) from a project in Azure DevOps

To delete a Sprint in AzureDevOps:

  1. Go to Project Settings
  2. Go into the Project Configuration in the Boards section of the Project Settings
  3. Find the sprint that you’d like to delete and click the ellipsis to open up an additional Menu
  4. Click Delete Menu Item

Delete a sprint in Azure DevOps

Deleting a Sprint may not be something you may not need to do often, but if you do – now you know!

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