Set BCContainerHelper Default Configuration Values

BCContainerHelper is a PowerShell module that makes it easier to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV Containers on Docker. The BCContainerHelper module contains many valuable functions that do much more than basic container management. I use this module in some form daily. Many BCContainerHelper module functions have switches and parameters; however, some use the default values with the options. 

You can configure BCContainerHelper default configuration values for use where applicable in the module functions.

This PowerShell script  demonstrates setting the configuration values for BCContainerHelper:


$bcContainerHelperConfig.defaultNewContainerParameters = @{
"Accept_Eula" = $true
"Isolation" = "hyperv"
"UpdateHosts" = $true

$bcContainerHelperConfig | ConvertTo-Json | Set-Content "C:\ProgramData\BcContainerHelper\BcContainerHelper.config.json" 

Note: The code listed in this article is for demonstration purposes only 

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