Business Central 2022 Wave 1 – Demo Tool and Demo Data for Manufacturing Scenarios

With each update of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft enhances what is often referred to as the base application and enhances the development environment. Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1 has several exciting new features in the development environment. One of the exciting features is the long awaited addition of a Demo Tool and Demo Data for Manufacturing Scenarios.

The demo tool and data contain products that demonstrate various manufacturing scenarios. There are demonstration data to show sub-contractors, sub-assemblies, Item tracking, and Variants, among several other functions.

The demo tool is available for both On-Premise and SaaS implementations. SaaS implementations install the tool through AppSource and the product media for On-Premise deployments.

In the SaaS Environment, the applications can be installed via AppSource. Open the Extension Marketplace and search for “Contoso Coffee,” and click Get It Now for the app-specific to your country id of Business Central. Once the extensions are installed, they will be visible on the extension management page.

Customers who have an On-Premises Business Central installation can find the media in the country-specific Applications folder within the installation media.

The demo tool adds several items geared toward something many of us enjoy – Coffee. You are in control of the Contoso Coffee Company.

There is the SP-SCM1009 Airpot which is a product with a bill of material (BOM), a subassembly, and Routing. The SP-SCM1009 Airpot demonstrates the standard production flow. The SP-SCM1011 Airpot Duo requires item tracking and uses components that also need item tracking. Another item, SP-SCM1004 Autodrip, has been set up to demonstrate various flushing methods for components and operations using Standard Cost. Item SP-SCM1008 Autodrip Lite has been added to the Item List to show the use variants.

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