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Business Central AL ModuleInfo

In the AL Language, the programming language behind Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the ModuleInfo Data Type provides information about an application. I have often used the ModuleInfo returned by the NavApp to check specific application version information.The NavApp DataType includes information about a NavApp and has a few methods that retrieve a ModuleInfo for …

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Add Elements to the Role Explorer

Using the “Role Explorer” in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can get an overview of the features available to your Role. Each of the “Role Explorer” elements is an action, and a means to navigate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (I have heard this many times referred to as a “menu”).Elements can be added …

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Validate field pattern with Regular Expression in Dynamics 365 Business Central

When accepting user input in a field, it may be necessary to validate that the value matches a particular pattern. In early versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you could use the RegEx dotNet libraries to validate input against a regular expression. The RegEx dotNet libraries are not directly available in Dynamics 365 Business Central; however, …

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Set A Windows Service Log On Account and Password with PowerShell

Repeatability is important! Right alongside that, in my opinion, is efficiency. A recent task required me to set up several Application Services setups, including setting the log on account and password. I could have done all of these manually; however, I found it more efficient and repeatable to set up a script to handle the …

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Add Twitter Card to WordPress without Plugin

Reading this blog, one may think I focus on WordPress development and enhancements. That is not the case by any means. The focus of my career focused on the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The concept behind this blog is to share bits of [technical] “stuff” that I encounter on my journey. The …

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Delete files within subfolders older than a certain period using PowerShell

Delete Key In Blue

In keeping true to the concept of this blog, “Follow the life of an ERP developer, one post at a time,” this post allows you to “follow” something that I needed to crush – deleting files older than a specific number of days or hours including subfolders. Many moons ago, I created an application that …

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Change WordPress Login Page without a PlugIn

WordPress is the most popular way to create your website or blog. It is an open-source content management system that allows you to manage important aspects of your website without knowing anything about programming. WordPress also supports plugins, which are small applications that work within the software framework to offer additional functionality.  This blog is …

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Repository-specific username/email configuration

Make sure you configure your 'user.name' and 'user.email' in git

You set up your repository. You cloned the repository and made some changes. You commit your changes and get the error – Make sure you configure your ‘user.name’ and ‘user.email’ it git When working with Git as a source control management tool, you need to have defined the user name and email config value when …

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